Q. Can I use sweatshirts and jerseys in my blanket? Or can I ONLY use t-shirts?

A. Actually we can use pretty much any shirt for your blanket. Sports jerseys, sweatshirts, tank tops, and t-shirts can ALL be used for your t-shirt blankets.

Q. Can I ONLY use the front or the back of a shirt for my blanket? Or can I use both sides?
A. We can use the front and/or back of any shirt for your blanket.

Q. Can I cut my own shirts for my t-shirts?
A. In a word, no. We at T-Shirts to Treasures™ use special tools to cut shirts for your blanket.

Q. How long does it take to get my blanket?
A. Standard time for blanket production is 3-4 weeks.

Q. Can I design my own blanket?
A. You are more than welcome to have input on the design of your blanket! However, most people choose to have us lay it out. If you want to design your blanket, just go to the T-Shirts Prep Instructions page to learn how.

Q. Is it safe to wash my blanket?
A. Yes. All of the blankets made by T-Shirts to Treasures™ are machine washable. Wash your blanket on delicate in cold water. Dry on low heat.

Q. What is a “Fussy Cut?”
A. A standard t-shirt quilt square is 13″ x 13″. If the piece of your t-shirt you want included in your blanket doesn’t fit in this size square it’s called a “Fussy Cut.” Examples include tank tops, a pocket you want paired with t-shirt, t-shirt graphics places too high or low on a shirt, etc. All of the above require special cutting and sewing. See example below.

Fussy Cut Before and After

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