Remembering a Father Lost: Colette’s Story…



T-Shirts to Treasures™ recently had the honor and privilege of constructing a completely customized t-shirt quilt for Colette of Texas. After the death of her father, pictured at left with Colette on her 21st birthday, Colette decided she needed to have some sort of memento to remember her father. That’s when she found T-Shirts to Treasures™, and we took care of the rest.

This is what Colette had to say about her experience with T-Shirts to Treasures™…

“My father passed away in an accident, and immediately I wanted something I could hold on to forever that reminded me of him. I could not have possibly asked for a better business, or people, to turn my father’s shirts into an amazing quilt. From the beginning Cheryl had my heart with her sweetness and genuine care for what I was going through. These people put their heart and soul into every stitch of this quilt, and it could not have turned out any more perfect. I cannot ever thank them enough for the work they put into this, and I will never forget their kindness and caring hearts toward me in such a terrible time. They truly were a blessing. Thank you Cheryl, and everyone involved, for making this quilt perfect and exactly what I hoped it would be.”

We at T-shirts to Treasures™ were so thrilled to send Colette her blanket. We knew that the blanket contained many of her father’s favorite shirts and ties, and we wanted to make sure it was made just to her liking. Luckily her roommate was able to capture the moment Colette opened the package in photos. You can see them below.


It was our pleasure to be able to provide such a special item for such a special young lady! Thank you, Colette!

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