A Father’s Clothing…A Priceless Treasure


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Importance of Memorial Quilts: “I was left a widow to raise four precious children over a year ago. I couldn’t bring myself to give my husband’s clothes away. The Quilts that were made from his clothes were such a wonderful way to bring us all comfort. Each square of the Quilts tells a story that I am thankful to get to share with our children. The shirt Rusty was wearing when he came to my apartment to cook me dinner for the first time, the hat he bought in Key West, the tie he wore when we were married, his Cowboys sweatshirt he loved to wear, his favorite purple shirt.. All of these clothes have memories associated with them and, we are able to keep these memories and actually hold on to them forever – a priceless treasure.”


Thank you for allowing us to create your Memorial Comfort Quilts, Heather.
We hope you and your children enjoy your quilts for years to come.

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