Our Story

IMG_5338Our Story: Almost 6 years ago, my oldest daughter graduated high school. Throughout her time in high school, she had collected so many memorable t-shirts. Shirts from cross country, swim team, school musicals, summer camps, vacations, homecomings, and church. Most were too small for her or she no longer wore them. However, she didn’t want to part with them because of the wonderful memories attached to each shirt. So, there they sat under her bed in plastic bins.

Then I remembered that a couple of years before, when my family lived in South Carolina, our babysitter had a really neat t-shirt blanket. What a great way to forever preserve the t-shirts that my daughter loved! So began my search for someone to make a blanket for my daughter. In my search I only found one company that specialized in t-shirt blankets, and their standard charge was $500.00! I simply couldn’t imagine paying $500.00 for a blanket.

After searching the Internet for countless hours, I finally realized that my answer was only one phone call away. My mother-in law, Gloria, had been sewing and making quilts for over 30 years. I gave her a call, and soon thereafter our first blanket was born. My daughter graduated college in August 2012, and we are now working on her college shirt blanket.

A personal interest in making t-shirt blankets quickly turned into a business when my Friend, Angie, surprised her husband with a blanket of his marathon race shirts. Angie posted a picture of her children all covered up with her husbands “race blanket” on Facebook, and her page blew up with comments. The comments weren’t about her adorable children though. They were raving about her husband’s blanket! Angie and I realized that together we could fill the need for t-shirt blankets in the West TN area. A few days later, Angie and I became partners and started T-Shirts to Treasures™.

We are so excited to start this journey together, and we hope that you enjoy our blankets as much as we do!

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