“My son is a senior this year [2013]. We had moved from another state and [my son had] several very special t-shirts from soccer and basketball. One of the shirts had all the very important special classmates on it. [T-Shirt to Treasures™] was able to combine all of theses together to make a blanket of lasting memories.”

– Sandra, Jackson, TN

“I’ve had my t-shirt blanket for 5 years and I still use it everyday! I had outgrown or worn out most of my t-shirts but I didn’t want to throw them away because they all had such great memories associated with them. I’m so happy I had my blanket made because now they’re being put to good use. I’m planning on having another one made with my sorority t-shirts! It’s a great keepsake to have!!”

– Victoria, Nashville, TN

“As an avid runner I have collected drawers full of race t-shirts. They each bring back a special memory so I couldn’t bring myself to toss them, but they took up way too much space. A race shirt blanket was the perfect solution. Now my prized shirts are preserved and I use the blanket everyday!!!”

– David, Jackson, TN

“I love my t-shirt quilt! It’s great to be able to keep all of the memories from my performances in one place. I use it every day and get many compliments on it. I’m very happy I’m able to keep all of the t-shirts in a way that I can use for a lifetime! “

– Rebecca, Starkville, MS

“A treasure it sure is to give a gift that evnokes nostalgia. After years of searching for a company to turn our t-shirts into a treasured quilt, I discovered T-Shirts to Treasures™ to be the most reasonable and trustworthy choice. I am so impressed by their attention to detail and their willingness to be flexible in their offerings of custom design and materials. The quilt is our “go to” blanket for warmth and coziness. We loved it so much that we have two more in the works! One of those will soon grace the bed in our son’s college dorm room as his bedspread. How wonderful that he will have a little reminder of home! Thank you T-Shirts to Treasures™ for a gift that will help etch fond memories in our mind as we wrap up in the quilts of soft coziness.”

– Carol, Jackson, TN

“While I was in college I always bought all of the fraternity t-shirts. I stopped wearing the t-shirts and they were taking up space in my drawer. I didn’t want to throw them away so I put them in a bag and they sat under my bed for a year. I had heard about different ideas and things to do with t-shirts but I never knew what I wanted to do. Then I saw some of the examples of blankets that T-shirts to Treasures™ produces and I finally decided that instead of throwing my t-shirts away, that I would have them made into a blanket. The blanket is really comfortable I enjoy being able to look at the t-shirts which remind me of all the parties and events I went to throughout college.”

– Scott, Nashville, TN

“My daughter graduated from high school 2 years ago and had saved many of her t-shirts collected during those years. She wanted to have a quilt made with them, but we didn’t know who to ask to make it. So we waited. When I heard that Cheryl and Angie were making them I was so excited! I knew before even talking to them that their quilts would be well done. They were easy to work with, used quality materials and the quilt was well constructed. And happily they were able to make it quickly. My daughter loves it!”

– Joanna, Jackson, TN

“We just received the quilt and absolutely LOVE it! It looks amazing! I’m sure we will treasure it forever. I have no idea how you do it so fast, but I am very appreciative it! Thank you for taking such good care of these special shirts – I had read some horror stories on the Internet so I was a little worried. You absolutely exceeded our expectations.”

– Karen, Jackson, TN

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