Tshirt Prep Instructions

 First of all, we are thrilled you have chosen us for your treasured T-Shirt blanket!!! Now, let’s get started with Tshirt Prep Instructions…

1. Wash and dry all T-Shirts. Please do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

2. Decide if you want us to use the front and/or back of each t-shirt. Once you decide, mark the corner of each shirt’s sleeve with a Sharpe marker. To choose the front of the shirt, mark F- on the front sleeve. To choose the back, write B- on the back of the sleeve. If you want to use BOTH the front and the back write a F- on the front and a B- on the back.

3. You can design your own lay out or you can let us decide the lay out. If you would like to design your own you will number your t-shirt sleeves 1-? starting with 1 being the left corner going across like you are reading a book.

4. Send your T-shirts to us at 50 North Spring Drive, Jackson, TN 38305 with a 50% deposit. We will get started on your blanket, and in 3-4 weeks your treasured keepsake will be finished. It’s as simple as that!

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